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Oswyn Montgomery Empty Oswyn Montgomery

on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:22 pm
Name: Oswyn Montgomery (But please, call him Ozzy. Please)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hometown and Region: Grey City - Kagawa

Current Residence: Silver Needle Forest

Occupation: A free-spirited child of the forest (dirty hobo)

Personality: Ozzy is always turneD TO 11 IN EVERYTHING HE DOes, but it didn't begin that way. In fact he was quite the opposite for most of his life due to being born the fifth son of the fifth son of the wealthy Montgomery Family. Raised to be prim and proper in every act, every word and deed he was the model of a good little socialite his parents wanted him to be.

But that isn't him anymore! Resigned to living in the Silver Needle Forest, Ozzy threw such silly notions away and chose to live a more free and open lifestyle in the wilderness with the Pokemon. He... doesn't see too many other people regularly so his long-taught social graces had fallen a bit to the wayside, but he doesn't act like an animal either. He only sort of lost the concepts of personal space and what not to say aloud. He still means well, just sometimes what he means falls a little on the side of 'brutally honest'.

Above all, Ozzy respects nature and the quiet majesty it brings, but also is aware of how unpredictable and dangerous it can be as well. He's ingratiated himself into Silver Needle Forest's ecosystem as well as he can, and strives to maintain a low profile as he lives in the forest.

He doesn't have many friends.

Appearance: Ozzy first off has weird hair. It's bright red. Naturally. It goes down to his shoulders and the closest thing to a 'style' that it could be compared to is a mane. There aren't any hair products out in the wild so it's not like he can condition or anything, yet it doesn't seem to affect him all that much. He has light grey eyes and a pair of ears that are just big enough to peek out from his mass of hair. Barely.

Being a person of the forest, he hasn't exactly had a good choice of clothing to go around. The outfit that he had run away in by now had been worn and frayed so much by nature that he had ripped the ruined parts off for use for various things around the forest. Now sporting what could be graciously be called 'shorts' and a camouflage vest. He sacrificed his shirt a while back and he really hasn't regretted the decision. His natural way of living has also left him with a rather toned body, and not to mention the faint smell of earth about him as well.

History: Born the fifth son of the fifth son of the wealthy Montgomery family Oswyn was thrust into a world of decadence and privilege from the moment he was born. His family was a large influential force in the cultural world of Grey City and he was never for want with his family's riches to help take care of his every want and need. While most would see this as a blessing, Oswyn was born with a rather powerful sense of empathy that cut through his privileged lifestyle at a young age.

He would ask why they couldn't just give some of their money to the less fortunate, and be disregarded as foolish. He would try to make friends with people that his family saw as 'lower class' and be reprimanded for trying to sully the Montgomery name. Oswyn knew something was up but his young mind couldn't place exactly why. Then came the time approached for him to begin his studying to get his first Pokemon partner. Despite his eagerness to study, his family told him that wouldn't be necessary and to not worry. Oswyn took it as a sign that the test itself would be easy, so he failed to properly prepare. When the time to see if he was ready to receive his partner however, Oswyn soon saw that there was much more to being a trainer than he thought. Deep inside, Oswyn knew that he didn't have it in him to meet the qualifications.

Which was why he was surprised that he was called up to receive his first Pokemon just a few moments later. It set off alarm bells in his mind. He didn't deserve this, so why was he getting it? Especially when other trainers around him were much better at the whole thing and deserved their Pokemon before him. The following evening Oswyn overheard his parents discuss how much they had to bribe to change their son's scores to be acceptable, and his mind was made. He could no longer bear to stay in the glitzy mansions and decadence that his family name granted him, and he took off in the dead of night. Off to Silver Needle Forest.

His first few days were... rough to say the least. He only had a curiosity-level of experience in being in the wilds from hunting trips his father took him on and his makeshift shelters never really lasted long. The more he stayed inside the woods however the more he seemed to grow in tune with the nature around him. By the time that he had stumbled across Pokemon Rangers helping a wounded baby Pokemon he had adapted to Silver Needle Forest as if his own home. As he watched the Rangers work, Oswyn soon found a new purpose for his much happier life and for once knew what he wanted to do:

Continue hiding from his greedy family! Also help wild Pokemon and trainers that happened to stop by his forest home. That too.


Argo the Tyrunt:

  • Species: Tyrunt
  • Name: (Optional) Argo
  • Type: Rock/Dragon
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Ozzy's starter pokemon. While initially resistant to listen to his commands, the two of them quickly grew to a mutual respect and understanding between each other.
  • History Ozzy's starter Pokemon, obtained after his parents bribed his way to becoming an official trainer.
  • Ability: Strong Jaw
  • Moves: Stomp, Bite, Crunch, Dragon Claw

Puffy the Whimsicott:

  • Species: Whimsicott
  • Name: (Optional) Puffy
  • Type: Grass/Fairy
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: A tricksy little bundle of energy, it absolutely loves pranking people and getting away with it.
  • History The first pokemon Ozzy caught himself. He had chased after it for days after it had pranked him rather good.
  • Ability: Prankster
  • Moves: Razor Leaf, Giga Drain, Charm, Energy Ball

Beacon the Galvantula:

  • Species: Galvantula
  • Name: (Optional) Beacon
  • Type: Bug/Electric
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Shy. Very shy. It had hung around Ozzy's camp for days before he noticed, then caught the scared little guy to befriend him.
  • History Found after unknowingly being watched by the little guy hanging on his pants leg.
  • Ability: Compound Eyes
  • Moves: Electroweb, Signal Beam, Agility, Screech

Crumble the Lopunny:

  • Species: Lopunny
  • Name: (Optional) Crumble
  • Type: Normal
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: She is the mother figure of the group, and puts the hurting on anyone that tries to hurt the team.
  • History Originally he had set out to help her when she was surrounded by Sevipers, but he turned out being the one that needed help when a Zangoose got caught up in the mix. They became quick friends afterwards.
  • Ability: Cute Charm
  • Moves: Endue, Jump Kick, Dizzy Punch, Bounce

Badges/Other Accolades: N/A
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