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Abigail Winters Empty Abigail Winters

on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:21 pm
Name: Abigail Winters

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Hometown and Region: Ginger City - Kagawa

Occupation: Chief Smith at Winters Works Forge and Student and Lei University (Working for her Masters in Catching Technology)

Personality: At the surface, Abigail is very cold and unsociable to the random passerby that looks her way. Those that get to know her... Also think that, but slightly less strongly. Abigail doesn't often say much, but she makes up for her lack of words with her utmost dedication to her work at her family's forge. Some would say a little too much dedication, but those are the exact sort of people that would earn a very powerful glare from Abigail.

Her countenance was born out of a deeply traumatizing event in her childhood, but one would be lucky to even that much from her in any short amount of time. Her no-nonsense behavior would turn people away, but those that manage to stick with her and try to get to know her would see the analytical and devoted acquaintance that she is. Of course what she says might also come off a little harsh due to a lack of certain social graces as well. Those that manage to claim an actual friendship with her though would find an incredibly faithful one in Abigail herself.

Her attitude also helps her in her studies at Lei University with the amount of dedication and no-nonsense she has towards anything not related to her curriculum. A model student to her professors and 'Ice Queen' to everyone else, Abigail is often at the top of her class in nearly every subject she takes. Except PE. That's just stupid. When it comes to training her Pokemon she unsurprisingly has a very analytical approach to battles and training.

And then spoils them all behind closed doors.

Appearance: Abigail has a full-figure body with waist-length auburn hair and golden eyes. Her no-nonsenseness carries over to her fashion sense as well as she doesn't like to wear anything that couldn't be described as 'basic'. A normal long-sleeved shirt, uninteresting long skirts and regular ol' shoes adorn her pretty much at all times without too much deviation from such. She's certainly not one to show off or accentuate her figure with anything she wears, much to the probably dismay of anyone looking for such a thing.

Her posture is always straight and steady, almost enough to wonder if she even sleeps standing up as well...

History: As a child, Abigail was actually a quite happy and adorable child. She had a loving family and enjoyed every day with them as one should. And then it all changed when her father was in a tragic car accident one rainy night. It was a day that changed poor Abigail's life forever. Gone was the cheerful little child that she once was, as Abigail became withdrawn and depressed rapidly. It was only through the help of their next door neighbors the Bowens that she every managed to pull herself out of the funk to become a functioning human being, even if it did take several years to do so.

Afterwards she dedicated her life to the shop that her father had made from the ground up. When she was little she had always 'helped' him with his work; be it bringing him things from one room to another or holding something for him while he worked. But now that her father was gone and her mother was too busy still grieving to contribute, Abigail took the mantle of the new Chief Smith at the shop. It was a large undertaking for a ten year old child, but she gladly took the reigns and flourished at it.

Once she was old enough to enroll in school, she struck a delicate balance between it and maintaining the shop with the side effect being an almost complete lack of time for a social life. Not that Abigail minded. It just meant she had plenty of time to take care of the things that actually mattered to her. With very few exceptions. She then obtained her first pokemon, a Tepig, and without a goal for becoming Champion only caught a few other Pokemon to help her around the forge while also managing to deal with any customers that think they can try and battle their way out of a bill.


Stoke the Pignite:

[*]Species: Pignite
[*]Name: (Optional) Stoke
[*]Type: Fire/Fighting
[*]Gender: Male
[*]Personality: A bit of a showoff around the forge, but also irreplaceable help when having to move things around and keeping the fires going.
[*]Ability: Blaze
[*]Moves: Flame Charge, Heat Crash, Take Down, Arm Thrust

Ore the Excadrill:

[*]Species: Excadrill
[*]Name: Ore
[*]Type: Ground/Steel
[*]Gender: Male
[*]Personality: Ore is more like his trainer in that it is much more serious and analytical of its surroundings. Abigail uses him to sniff out the highest qualities of metals to use in the forge.
[*]Ability: Sand Rush
[*]Moves: Sandstorm, Metal Claw, Dig, Horn Drill

Hallow the Gourgeist:

[*]Species: Gourgeist
[*]Name: (Optional) Hallow
[*]Type: Grass/Ghost
[*]Gender: Female
[*]Personality: Hallow's a big ol' girl that stumbled onto the Winters property one night when Abigail didn't feel like shooing it off. She's got a big heart and acts as the impromptu guard at night, and demands the most hugs out of Abigail's party.
[*]Ability: Pickup
[*]Moves: Shadow Sneak, Trick-or-Treat, Shadow Ball, Razor Leaf
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