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Herbert Taylor Empty Herbert Taylor

on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:20 pm
Name: Herbert Taylor
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Hometown and Region: Goldenrod City - Johto

Current Residence: Ginger City - Western Kagawa

Occupation: Kagawa student, part-time Daycare Assistant at his mother's daycare center

Personality: A timid person like none other, Herbert is a rather softspoken individual, to an extent that it becomes easy to tell from a glance. Practically not inheriting his mother's boastful personality, or his father's suave mannerisms, Herbert is a more shy and reserved person, as well as insecure and rather cowardly. Such a combination makes him a pushover, and someone easy to kick around, and because he's rather permissive, he doesn't do much to stop it. However, while not having a lot of spine, he's also a very kindhearted individual, always trying to see the best in others, and always trying to respond with kindness towards others, despite his rather fearful demeanor. He has a high respect for Pokemons, and dislikes seeing them being mistreated, even by other Pokemons, and is willing to go through lengths in order to keep them safe. But no matter how weak he sees himself, if he sees others in danger, he tries his best to arm himself with valor, and stand up for them, no matter how small or big the problem is.

Appearance: Standing at roughly 5'5", he sports a rather average looking body, not going towards either 'too much this' or 'too much that'. Although he isn't very physically capable, due to never giving his body the proper practice. His slightly pale skin, and dark brown, messy hair look rather normal too, although something that is rather eye-catching is, fittingly, his orange eyes. He also has a rather round and soft looking face, which accompanied by his usual meek look, could be seen as adorable. And in terms of clothing, his usual set is an orange T-shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. Most of the time, he also wears a red apron, and a red kerchief similar in the style of the Pokemon Breeder, both with the logo of his mother's daycare center.

History: Herbert was born and raised in Goldenrod City, located in the Johto Region, under the care of his father Shawn Taylor, and mother Dai Enoshima. Even from a young age, he displayed signs of introversion towards others, which made him someone with very few friends, making him rather different from his father, who was a disk jockey in the Goldenrod Radio Tower, and his mother, who was the CEO of her own chain daycare center, The Sleepy Togepi. In fact, because of his mom's daycare center, Herbert wished to tend to pokemons when he was older, so much so that, when he was 10 years old, he was given his first Pokemon Egg, which eventually hatched into his Cyndaquil.

Many kids at that age got ready to embark on their journey to become Pokemon Masters, challenging the gym leaders, and eventually heading to the Indigo Plateau, in order to participate on the Pokemon League, but Herbert wasn't like most kids. Instead of participating in battles, or even leaving his city, he opted for staying there, and learning about the proper handling, and taking care of pokemons, something which would eventually make him a fairly good breeder in his later years. However, such a decision meant that, not only he wouldn't get more pokemons outside of his Cyndaquil, but that also his Cyndaquil had a rather stunted growth, in terms of fighting. Outside of practice dummies and such, neither him nor Herbert had much experience in battle, but that was okay for the trainer, as he grew a mentality of not using pokemons for petty battles, and instead decided on taking care of them.

Eventually, he was given a job as a part-timer in the Sleepy Togepi, where he learned a bit about healing pokemons as well, but his life would eventually take a turn a while after he turned 17, where his mom decided to embark on an expansion effort of her daycare center, and thanks to familiar connections in the Kagawa Region, they made the choice of moving there. Dai's choice of expansion was the quaint city of Ginger Town, not knowing that the Matsui Daycare Center was already installed there, and while Herbert felt rather conflicted moving, he knew that it was rather inevitable, thanks to his mother, blazen and headstrong attitude. Going against it would have been like trying to stop the rain with his bare hands, so he peaceably accepted his fate, and the three of them moved to Western Kagawa. Once he got there, his parents enrolled him to the Oolong Academy, while his father seeked to work in the GCRT. Herbert had no idea what would wait for him in Kagawa, but he took comfort in the fact that, perhaps, things would remain as simple and uneventful as they were back home.

Cinder the Cyndaquil:

  • Species: Cyndaquil
  • Name: Cinder
  • Type: Fire
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Raised with the upmost care, he is a very optimistic and somewhat goofy pok√©mon, always cheering up his trainer. This also makes him highly loyal, but due to being rather pampered, he also has a high sense of curiosity, and is capable of accidentally wandering off if he's not being watched.
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen
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