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Malika Reeve Empty Malika Reeve

on Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:11 pm
Name: Malika Reeve
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Hometown and Region: Sencha Village

Current Residence: Oolong Academy Dorms - Oolong City
Occupation: Third Year Student at Oolong Academy, Current Student Council President, Wannabe Ninja?

Personality: Malika is silent, stoic, and hard to read. She rarely ever breaks her calm demeanour and stands tall against any challenge. She is an analytical person, studying different people and situations with a scary level of intelligence to find the best solution to a problem. Malika exerts power and commands respect, some compare her more to a commander than a student council president. She runs the school like a tight ship, every person has to do their part or face the consequences. Each member of the student council and other associated clubs like the Disciplinary and Beautification Committees are loyal to her, and some say help her keep close eyes and ears of the people in the school. She herself has little regard for personal privacy, often found hiding in dark corridors and rafters, eavesdropping. Malika often also inserts herself into conversations and situations, regardless if she was welcome or not.

She does seem to have a softer side. Malika often tries to mentor newer trainers and students. Giving them the best advice and trying to set them down there own path. Of course, she does this in her own Malika way, which usually results in tough love. Still, she feels she has their best interests at heart.

Malika is a bit prideful. She often cites a family duty to her younger sister when she feels she is not doing what she’s supposed to be doing. What this family duty remains a mystery. When some had their doubts about her as a trainer and potential candidate for student council, she made sure to make her grades the top of her class, placed herself as the strongest trainer at school, and went out and got all eight gym badges. She has yet to enter the Verbena Conference, however.

She also seems to have some sort of relationship to Jeanie but refuses to elaborate on what it exactly is, just like almost everything about her.

Appearance: Malika is a tall girl, standing at 6’ even. She has a slim and athletic build and body type. She has dark brown skin, brown eyes, and dark black hair. It poofs up with curls and is usually held behind a lime-green headband. Her outfit on off days usually consists of a lime green tank top, black pants and black boots, a pair of black bracers on her arms and fingerless black gloves. When she is at school, she wears her uniforms exactly to code, the only difference being that she wears a bright yellow armband to signify her position as a student council member. She is also seen with a Z-Power Ring but has never been seen using a Z-Move before.

History: Since she was a child, Malika was set down the path of watching over Sencha Village. The Reeve family had a long history of protecting the village and the Seinaru family. Of course, it wasn’t as crucial during modern times, but the family was known to keep old traditions alive. Malika and her younger sister went through vigorous training in order to fulfill their roles. Both of them trained with their father’s Pokemon as they were too young to legally have a Pokemon of their own. By the time Malika had turned 15, she was already at the level of an experienced trainer.

For some unknown reason, Malika then enrolled in Oolong Academy. People wondered why she did, as she showed no interest in doing so before, and had assumed she was going to stay in the village. But no matter what people thought, she left with her Froakie to Oolong City.

It became quickly apparent to her peers that she was on a whole other level with training. While most people were still trying to figure out how a Pokemon battle was supposed to work, Malika was busy thinking of strategies on how to gain victory during battles. She caught a couple more Pokemon, and her Froakie quickly evolved into a Frogadier within a few months of training.

At the end of her first year, she wanted to run for the student council, as the student council president. Her peers doubted her ability, after all, why would they pick a first-year student who had little experience as a trainer become the head of the student body. Her response was to become the academically strongest student and the strongest trainer in school, as well as obtain several gym badges before the end of the school year.

She won the election.

For the next couple of years, she kept on training her Pokemon. Boasting an impressive team, and winning all eight gym badges, people are wondering what’s next for Malika. Some believe she has what it takes to become Champion, but she has shown zero interest in doing that. She’s more focused on making sure the first years get settled in, the school year goes smoothly, and she gets a suitable replacement for Student Council President after she graduates. Of course, there’s another thing she’s worried about, but Malika won’t tell anyone what it is.

But she might have to soon.

Ren the Greninja:

  • Species: Greninja
  • Name: Ren
  • Type: Water, Dark
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Ren is a lot like her trainer. Calm, analytical, and quiet. She was Malika’s first Pokemon and is very loyal to her. A worthy adversary for any wishing to challenge Malika in a battle.
  • History: Malikais often pretty tight-lipped about how she met her partners. She has stated that Ren was the first Pokemon she got when she turned 15 and that they have an inseparable bond, but that’s all she’ll say on the matter.
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Moves: Water Shuriken, Hydro Pump, Smokescreen, Night Slash

Suzu the Bronzong:

  • Species: Bronzong
  • Name: Suzu
  • Type: Steel, Psychic
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Personality: Suzu seems to be quite playful in comparison to its other teammates. It likes to play with other Pokemon and sometimes will play tricks on those who let their guard down around it.
  • History: Malika caught Suzu when it was still a Bronzor. She hasn’t provided much details on how they met, other than it impressed her enough for her to think a Pokeball was worthy for it.
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Moves: Gyro Ball, Iron Defense, Extrasensory, Heavy Slam

Hanabi the Lurantis:

  • Species: Lurantis
  • Name: Hanabi
  • Type: Grass
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Hanabi acts like she owns the school and is cut from a higher cloth than other Pokemon, even her own teammates. This may be due to her being held by a wealthy family before she joined Malika’s team.
  • History: Malika received Hanabi as a Fomantis from an influential family in Sencha Village for an unknown reason. They seem to have a good relationship, but one would tell that Hanabi probably isn’t Malika’s favourite Pokemon to use.
  • Ability: Leaf Guard
  • Moves: Solar Blade, Sunny Day, Synthesis, Growth

Rei the Chandelure:

  • Species: Chandelure
  • Name: Rei
  • Type: Ghost, Fire
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Rei is enigmatic, to say the least. She usually just doses off during the day and is pretty quiet most of the time. She only seems to get fired up during a battle but goes back to her usual quiet self when it’s finished.
  • History: No one actually knows how this happened. Rei sort of just appeared one day and hasn’t left since. On a school trip, some of the other students were complaining of some strange phenomena and Malika went to go check it out. The next day, she had a Lampent on hand. People sort of assumed what was going on.
  • Ability: Flash Fire
  • Moves: Confuse Ray, Inferno, Overheat, Shadow Ball

Ito the Ninjask:

  • Species: Ninjask
  • Name: Ito
  • Type: Bug, Flying
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Ito is energetic and fiery. Always looking for the next challenge to come his way. He may not be the toughest Pokemon on Malika’s team, but he’ll fight until his body won’t let him anymore.
  • History: Malika raised Ito from a Nincada and was one of the first Pokemon she caught. She appreciates his speed and has a lot of trust in him. Supposedly, Malika also has a Shedinja that she got after Ito evolved, but no one has actually seen it before.
  • Ability: Speed Boost
  • Moves: Double Team, X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Mind Reader

Mura the Crobat:

  • Species: Crobat
  • Name: Mura
  • Type: Poison, Flying
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Mura is aggressive and fiercely protective of Malika, so much so, that she rarely has him out around people who aren’t close friends or family.
  • History: Malika raised him from a Zubat, despite people saying that she could have a stronger and better Pokemon. With that love, Zubat became Golbat, and then a Crobat. Proof of her devotion to his strength.
  • Ability: Inner Focus
  • Moves: Cross Poison, Venoshock, Mean Look, Air Slash

Badges/Other Accolades:
  • Mermaid Badge
  • Combat Badge
  • Dune Badge
  • Tooth Badge
  • Regular Badge
  • Eclipse Badge
  • Hearth Badge
  • Ritual Badge
  • Won the School Election to become Student Council President

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