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One on One Battle: Ceylon Beachfront Empty One on One Battle: Ceylon Beachfront

on Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:20 pm
The beach in Ceylon was as busy as ever. Children splashed in the water while their parents look on. Tourists from other cities and regions sunbathed on towels or just relaxed under oversized umbrellas. A flock of Wingull rested on some rock north of the beach. Everything seemed peaceful, but there was one person not enjoying themselves. A young girl walked alongside the beach with her Poliwag. She seemed to be lost in thought.

Her Pokemon nuzzled against her leg and looked up at her with his nervous eyes. "Poli..." It whimpered.

"Hm? O-Oh sorry, Poliwag. I was just thinking about... things."


"Like, what are we going to do for our future and stuff. Are we going to challenge the gyms, become coordinators, or are just going to throw the whole trainer thing out the window and just become actors at the theatre? I just don't know!"


"Besides, the academy is where Cole goes. How am I supposed to live up to his legacy? He's a member of the student council, and I'm just his freshman of a little sister. He has everything all figured out and I'm just confused."

She sat down on the sand and let her feet soak into the water. "I'm sorry, Poliwag," She said. "You didn't deserve to be partnered with this joke of a trainer..."

"Poliwag! Poli!" He cried back.

"Heh. Thanks, Poliwag. Love you too, buddy."

Perhaps a quick battle would lift this poor girl's spirits?
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