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on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:02 pm
These are a few basic rules that we expect you to follow on our forum. We ask that you respect them and to keep things fair and fun for everyone on the board.

1. Please act respectfully to everyone on this board. We're a community that accepts and respects all gender identities, sexualities, race, religion, etc. We will not tolerate any sort of bigotry. Period. That's not the kind of community we are trying to create. If you don't like that, keep moving. If you choose to be a bigot, I will personally send you packing. Permanently. If you notice that someone is being flamed or harassed or you yourself are being subjected to this, contact the staff immediately. If, for whatever reason, a staff member is behind it, please contact the head admin (that's me!) as soon as possible.

2. Try to keep most things here PG-13. Pokemon is a series mostly based towards kids and there's the possibility we could have a 13-year-old pop by. Also, some people might just be uncomfortable with some stuff. We aren't going to get mad at you for using strong language or if your characters become intimate, just make sure it's not excessive and if characters do have sex, fade to black before it happens. We ask that no gore be present at all and if you feel the need to have some violence for whatever reason, go ahead, but we don't want to go too overboard with that.

3. We expect you to have a basic understanding of English. It doesn't have to be your first language and we're aren't going to get mad over grammar and spelling mistakes unless they are overly excessive. Write to the best of your ability.

4. Certain Pokemon are not available. Legendary Pokemon cannot be captured under normal circumstances. They are tied to events that need certain requirements to be met by a character before capturing one. This isn't going to happen for a while, so don't even try right now. There are three banned legendaries that will never be allowed to be attainable in the RP. They are Arceus, Mew, and Mewtwo. Please don't argue or ask for these Pokemon.

5. Please don't link any spam or unsolicited advertisements. If you want to advertise another forum or maybe an independent project here, contact the staff before doing so. We need to see if the ad is appropriate and what we as a community will get out of hosting the ad.

6. You are only permitted to using one account here on Turmoil. No alternatives or accounts for each of your characters. They will be deleted once they are discovered. And you will face punishment.
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