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One on One Battle: Genmaicha Street Empty One on One Battle: Genmaicha Street

on Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:40 pm
Genmaicha Street was as busy as usual. People were popping in and out of the shops, talking amongst each other, and enjoying what the area had to offer. However, today there was something a little different. A crowd of people had formed a circle around what appeared to be a Pokemon battle. People cheered as the Pokemon fought their hardest to win for their trainers. Effects of different moves permeated the air above as the onlookers marveled at the skill of the combatants.

“Claydol, use Earth Power!” A woman’s voice commanded.

The Pokemon spun its head and the ground began cracking underneath the opposing Pokemon.

“Liepard, dodge it! Now!” The other trainer cried. But it was too late.

Energy from underneath the cracks exploded and hit the Liepard. The Pokemon went flying into the air and landed with a thud. It had apparently fainted.

An old woman, who was acting as the match’s referee raised her left hand towards the younger woman and her Claydol.

“Liepard is unable to battle! The match goes to Claydol and Elle!” She croaked.

The woman smiled softly and patted her Pokemon. “Excellent battle, as always, Claydol!”

The other trainer returned his Pokemon to its Pokeball and sighed softly. He bowed at the woman. “Thank you very much for the battle.” He said.


He returned to the crowd and the woman faced them. “Claydol and I still have a lot of energy! Who else would like to battle us?”

She seemed eager to fight again. This was a good opportunity for a fledgling trainer to test their skills. Or maybe an experienced one could flaunt their’s.
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