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Name: Anais Parker
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Hometown and Region: Sunyshore City - Sinnoh

Current Residence: Oolong City

Occupation: Oolong Academy Student

Personality: Anais is a adventurous teenage girl who wishes to go out and go on adventures and research pokemon. However she feels as though she is being held back by people around her and so becomes slightly paranoid when she meets new people. Her tone when befriending someone suggests that she will be suspicious of them until Anais gets to know them better. When she's not busy socialising, Anais will often explore the area she is in and try to find some pokemon to observe or take photos of. If the Pokemon notices her, then Anais will feel slightly embarrassed and will quickly leave the Pokemon be.

Anais is very serious when it comes to her education and will often put a lot of hard work with her studies. Even ignoring Marcel or her friends in the process, and will become sad should she fail a test. She will often feel home sick at times which she tells Marcel about and will feel happy for awhile once she gets a hug from her Pokemon. She is also weary about people finding out about her sadness, and guilt for not saving the Wingull family back at Sunyshore. So she will keep it a secret from others until she is forced to confess or she feels she knows the person more to let them in on some of her secrets.

When Anais is finally friends with someone she is usually chatty and jokes around when hanging out with her friends and will always try to defend them from people no matter what. Due to her determined behaviour.

Appearance: Anais has long blonde hair, which she keeps tied in a pony tail along with rosy cheeks and some freckles around her nose. Although upon further inspection the freckles turn out to be blackheads that she had just given out on trying to remove from her nose. She also wears a necklace that contains a picture of her family, which she keeps around her at all times. Her eyes are also green and her wear outside of Oolong Academy is usually a red sweater and a grey skirt with some small black shoes.

When travelling to some of the more colder or wet places, she will only wear a fuzzy green jacket and some Jigglypuff Earmuffs. Her bed wear consists of a red night gown and a red housecoat which she ties up to hide her gown. Her footwear when in these clothes are Jirachi slippers.

Sometimes when she travels, she will carry around a medium sized yellow bag.

History: Anais was born in Sunyshore City to two Pokemon researchers, Albert Parker and Dionne Hayward, Albert and Dionne moved to Sunyshore from Canalave City which was met with negative response from Albert's parents. Sam Parker and Donna Minella who thought that Sunyshore would be a dangerous place to bring up they're first child and wished for the family to move to Kagawa where they lived.

Despite this, Albert and Dionne moved to Sunyshore anyway and once Anais was born, she loved the city as well like her parents. Her interests in Pokemon quickly started at a young age and she wished to become a pokemon researcher just like her parents and wanted to capture pokemon when she turned ten. However during her seventh birthday, she was dismayed to find that Albert and Dionne had captured a Pokemon for her. A Mime Jr. Who Anais called Marcel. Although mad at her parents that they didn't allow her to capture her first pokemon, she quickly loved Marcel and he stuck by Anais ever since.

Anais then began to work under her parents wing once she turned ten. Shortly after starting her apprenticeship, she and Marcel ended up befriending a family of Wingull and would hung around them once the two finished work for the day. Anais cared for the Wingull family for around five years...

Until the attack happened that is.

One day, when Anais was 15, word quickly passed around in Sunyshore that a group of poachers were kidnapping Pokemon that were near the port. Fearful for the safety of the Pokemon in the city, Anais, Marcel, Albert and Dionne took part in the effort to get the Pokemon to safety. With all of the Pokemon safe from the Poachers, Anais realised that the Wingull family were no where to be found and so her and Marcel sneaked away from the group to go and find them. They soon did.

Unfortunately there fears about them being captured by Poachers came true, and they soon escaped with the family. Even as Anais and Marcel tried to stop them, there presence caused the Poachers to notice the two and summon they're pokemons to distract them. Anais and Marcel tried to hold they're ground, but they were soon overwhelmed and would of been injured too...Had it not been for the intervention of Albert, Dionne and there group who had came to rescue them.

Anais and Marcel were greatly saddened and guilty for not being able to save the Wingull family. Things got worse when she had an argument with her family that night over what happened. Albert and Dionne, worried that Anais would get targeted by the Poachers again, decided to heed a request from Sam and Donna to send her to there home in Oolong city for safety. Anais tried to object but her parents stopped her.

A few days later, she went to Kagawa...Without Marcel. Her parents felt as though Marcel wouldn't handle a new regional environment. Anais was sad that she had to leave Sunyshore, her parents and Marcel behind, as she wanted to find the Wingull family. Shortly after arriving to the Kagawa region, she reunited with Marcel, who sneaked into Anais luggage while she wasn't looking.

Despite there reunion, Anais had to hide Marcel when in the presence of Sam and Donna, who were not her guardians for long. They had decided to enrol Anais to Oolong Academy so she can learn to be a Pokemon Trainer, much to her annoyance as she still wants to be a researcher like Albert and Dionne. They have also asked that Anais moved into the dorms due to there living space only allowing two people to stay.

With this, Anais moved herself and Marcel towards Oolong Academy to begin they're new journey to become a Pokemon Trainer. Although if she gets the chance, she will try and become a Pokemon Researcher in a heartbeat and her desire to find the Wingull family again is still very strong.

Marcel the Sinnoh Mime Jr.:

  • Species: Mime Jr.
  • Name: Marcel
  • Type: Psychic/Fairy
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Marcel likes to be the centre of attention because he thinks he's a cute pokemon. He often sticks around Anais and will become very protective of her if she gets attacked or hurt as he's the only person he knows. He likes to listen in on peoples conversations and if the topic gets heavy, then Marcel will provide the person with a warm hug. If it's with Anais then the hug will be tighter. He can also be prone to jealously if Anais shows affection for another person or pokemon.
  • History: During there time at Sunyshore City. Anais parents wanted to give they're daughter a pokemon for her 7th birthday, everyone in the family already had one except for her. Finding a Mime Jr. Anais parents quickly captured the pokemon and gave him to they're daughter for her birthday. She accepted the pokemon, although she was mad at her parents for capturing a pokemon for her. As she wanted to capture her first pokemon once she turns ten. She soon grew to love the Mime Jr. who she called Marcel.
  • Ability: Soundproof
  • Moves: Barrier, Tickle, Confusion & Pound.

Badges/Other Accolades: None So far.

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Anais, clean your pores, girl!

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