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Eira Richards Empty Eira Richards

on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:26 pm
Name: Eira Richards
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Hometown and Region: Tulsi Town - Kagawa

Current Residence: Oolong City

Occupation: Student

Personality: Eira is a rather timid girl, usually preferring to keep to herself when not working at home. She cares greatly for the well being of others, though, so if she believes that someone is upset or in danger, she won't hesitate to jump in and try to resolve the problem in any way she can. She's easily discouraged, though, and tends to shrink away if a situation seems bad or if she makes a mistake. Afterwards, she usually tends to avoid the other involved parties, but recovers after a few days.

Eira can often be caught studying on the different habitats and types of Pokemon, especially those that live in colder regions, as one day she hopes to follow in her parents' footsteps. For now, though, she simply wants to get along with Lumi, easily becoming upset when her Pokemon ignores her orders. She continues to try and train with Lumi to become closer to her, and began considering taking on the League challenge as a way of accomplishing that after noticing the Vulpix's love of battling. She has a close affinity for ice or water type Pokemon, but shies away from any fire types.

Appearance: Eira is a fairly petite girl standing at 5' 2" with a thin frame. Her skin is pale, almost deathly so, save for a dark scar that marks the back of her right arm She has wavy shoulder length white blonde hair, and piercing sky blue eyes, though she tends to avoid eye contact. During the winter season and when outside in her hometown, Eira tends to wear a light blue jacket with black pants, but when it warms up, she prefers to stick to white or other light colored blouses with a long blue skirt. Her hair is usually held back by a snowflake shaped hairpiece.

History: Eira was born and raised in Tulsi Town, where her parents served as guides for people seeking to scale Mount Chai. Their home also served as a lodge for the climbers, so from an early age Eira was brought to help with things like food and first aid; many of the guests loved her and all the work that she would put in for them, which made her happy, but every now and then a rowdy guest would get upset at her, causing her to shrink back to her room. Those guests were usually promptly thrown out, and Eira would return to work within a few days after some light coaxing from her parents. One incident became particularly bad, however, when a guest brought out his Ninetales inside the lodge, and when Eira, still young and curious at the age of nine, went to pet it from behind before it turned and burned her arm with an Ember. After receiving medical treatment, she spent a number of weeks in her room before finally returning to normal, save for the burn scar on the back of her arm and a new tendency to avoid any Pokemon that came to their lodge.

As Eira's fifteenth birthday grew closer, her parents decided to take a vacation to Alola, closing the lodge and leaving Eira alone for the week. She was left with plenty of food to get by, but spent most of her time lounging around at the house and staying indoors rather than wandering the town. Upon their return on her birthday, however, she found that her parents had brought her a surprise; an Alolan Vulpix that they had sought out and caught as a birthday gift for her, in hopes that it would help alleviate her fear of Pokemon. The results weren't instant, especially due to the Vulpix's stubborn nature, but soon enough Eira came to adore it, deciding to name her new friend Lumi. Her parents then suggested she head to the Academy in Oolong City so that she can begin deciding on her own future, rather than just staying and working at the lodge, and after a bit of reluctant arguing, Eira finally conceded. She enrolled in the Academy and moved to the dorm, and even though she's mostly overcome her aversion to Pokemon, the scar on her arm is a constant reminder of why she still fears fire types.


Lumi the Alolan Vulpix:

  • Species: Alolan Vulpix
  • Name: (Optional) Lumi
  • Type: Ice
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Lumi is stubborn and sometimes ignored Eira, not wanting to acknowledge the timid girl as her trainer, but she will compromise and listen to orders if things seem serious enough. She's beginning to take a liking to Eira, but she'd be the last to admit it. Around most humans outside of the family, Lumi will tend to act cold, sometimes even hostile if they're persistent enough. When interacting with other Pokemon, though, she becomes playful and full of life. She enjoys battling, and sometimes might even provoke other Pokemon on her own just to start one. Though even in regular interactions, she tends to insist on getting her own way, which can sometimes lead to trouble.
  • History: Eira's parents brought an Alolan Vulpix back from their trip to the Alolan region, where they caught her as a present for Eira's 15th birthday. She named it Lumi, but the two are still getting used to each other due to Lumi's stubbornness.
  • Ability: Snow Cloak
  • Moves: Powder Snow, Tail Whip, Roar, Baby-Doll Eyes

Badges/Other Accolades: None
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