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on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:25 pm
Name: Maia Moreau
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hometown and Region: Heahea City – Alola
Current Residence: Oolong City (Oolong Academy Dorms) – Kagawa

Occupation: First-Year Student at Oolong Academy.

Personality: Two words can describe Maia when you first see her; quiet and sad. She doesn’t seem interested in talking with people, preferring to keep to herself. When she does speak, it’s an odd combination of slight nervousness and subtle sadness. As a result, some people choose to avoid her, seeing her as odd and depressed.

Of course, Maia is more than that. Behind the usual frown she has on her face is a kind girl who wishes she was able to become friends with everyone she meets, but because of what happened in her past, she finds it hard to befriend people, fearing a repeat in history. Patience and kindness is the way to go to befriend her. She deeply cares for her Pokemon and wishes to become a better trainer for them. While she keeps it a secret, people who do manage to befriend her will learn that she wants to become a Pokemon Coordinator.

Because of years of being reclusive, Maia is naïve about the world and unfortunately doesn’t know much about Pokemon or how to raise them, but she trusts the school enough to show her how it’s done. Despite her dream of participating in contests, Maia actually dislikes large crowds, most likely from not being used to them. She finds it hard to speak with people and has a tendency to miss social cues. It's not like she doesn't want friends, she just doesn't know how to make them. She will connect more with people who are kind or patient, rather than the rude and brash. Maia doesn't really enjoy hiking or walking for long distances, so whenever she can, she opts to take the train in Kagawa.

Appearance: Maia stands at 5'2 and weighs 100 lbs. She has shoulder-length, blonde hair she ties into braided pigtails and soft, dark grey eyes that always seem sad. Her skin is a little bit tan from hailing from a region with lots of sunshine, but her natural skin is a light olive color. When at school, she does not alter her uniform in any way. She wears the mustard-colored blazer neatly over the brown skirt and keeps the usual red bow that comes with the girls’ uniforms. One would see the Blue Shield Emblem on the right side of her blazer, indicating that she is a first year. She wears black leggings and red Maryjane shoes as well.

On her off days, Maia wears a beige cardigan vest over a white knee-length dress, with black leggings and white sneakers.

History: Maia was born in Alola region in Heahea City to Mary Moreau and William Timmons. Her parents were recently married and were overjoyed with the birth of their daughter. They were a wealthy family who lived with Mary’s father and sister in a good-sized estate outside of the city. Mary’s family was originally from Kalos but moved to the region after Maia’s grandfather’s business expanded. While William came from a lower-income family, they could marry, so long as Mary kept her surname and any children received the Moreau name as well.
Maia was their only child and they quickly realized she was a ball of energy. She liked to run around with the family’s Pokemon, climb trees in the wild, and of course, she liked to put on mock performances for her family, often imitating the Coordinators from other regions who she had seen on TV. That was her dream after, even from a young age. Of course, she knew it would be a while before she got the chance to become a performer, the Alola region didn’t have that after all. Instead, they had the Island Challenge, but that was still good for Maia. She would complete the challenge then travel to other regions to become a Coordinator. It was a solid plan in her mind.

A few weeks before her eleventh birthday, Maia’s parents took a trip to Hau’oli City on Melemele Island. They were meant to stay for a couple of weeks and promised to be home before her birthday. While she would have preferred that they stayed for a few weeks then take their trip, she knew that her parents needed a break. She was just excited for them to come back so they could help her pick out a Pokemon.

Unfortunately, her parents never came home. On the ferry coming back to Akala Island, a raging Gyarados attacked the vessel and it was destroyed. They never found any of the passengers’ remains, only debris from the boat. News of this event shattered Maia. How could her parents die? What did she do to deserve this? Thoughts raced through her mind, thoughts of how this had to be her fault, that the world was dangerous, and she shouldn’t go exploring it. Maia didn’t celebrate her birthday, she didn’t go and get a Pokemon from the Kahuna, and she didn’t leave the estate.

Weeks turned to months, and months turned to years. Maia stayed at the home. She couldn’t be hurt if she left, besides, she didn’t need a journey. She could just live out her life here. Unfortunately for Maia, her aunt and grandfather didn’t like that. They didn’t want her to waste away inside and not experience some sort of journey. They wanted her to realize the world wasn’t as dangerous as she thought it was. So, they started forcing her to leave the home, usually accompanying her aunt or grandfather into to town to run errands, but sometimes they asked her to go alone. It was hard for her, but she pulled through it. It became easier as time went on, however, she was still adamant about not going on a journey or having a Pokemon.

Then she turned 15 and her grandfather gave her news she did not want. He had asked for a few favors in the Kagawa region in order to get her a Pokemon license. He then told her she had to enroll at a school called Oolong Academy in Oolong City. She begged her grandfather to reconsider, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. So, she begrudgingly accepted and began packing. Since she didn’t have a Pokemon of her own yet, her grandfather gave her one of his Meowths. Her aunt also went and caught a Noibat for her, just so she could have two friends going with her to a strange new region.

A few days later, Maia boarded a plane, alongside her Pokemon, and left for the Kagawa region. She was scared, but there was that small part of her that was relieved she finally got to experience her own journey. And who knows, maybe she could follow her dreams? After all, there were contests in the Kagawa region.

Princess the Meowth (Alolan):

  • Species: Meowth – Alolan Form
  • Name: (Optional) Princess
  • Type: Dark
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Gentle is a great way to describe Princess. She is sweet, kind, and very protective of Maia. She stayed by her side when she was mourning her parents. While she was originally Maia’s grandfather’s Pokemon, she was given to Maia before she left for the Kagawa region. While princess never originally showed interest in performing, she has started leaning towards it in the recent months.
  • History: Originally under the ownership of Maia’s grandfather, Princess lived a luxurious life in the Moreau household. She spent a lot of her life hanging around Maia and comforting her after the death of her parents. After Maia was enrolled at Oolong Academy, her grandfather gave Princess to her to be her partner.
  • Ability: Technician
  • Moves: Scratch, Attract, Bite, Fake Out
Decibel the Noibat:

  • Species: Noibat
  • Name: (Optional) Decibel
  • Type: Flying/Dragon
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Brave and a little rash. Decibel is definitely very protective of Maia. While briefly under the ownership of Maia’s aunt, Arianne (who only caught the Pokemon for Maia), he has taken a liking to his new owner and wants to keep her safe in this brand-new region.
  • History: Decibel never really had an exciting life before he met Maia. He fluttered around the cave where lived and ate food. One day, he was caught by a strange woman, who then gave him to her niece. While skeptical at first, Decibel quickly took a liking to the girl and is excited about his life with her.
  • Ability: Infiltrator
  • Moves: Screech, Supersonic, Tackle, Gust

Badges/Other Accolades: None so far.
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