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on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:24 pm
Name: Cinnary "Cinna" Steele
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Hometown and Region: Hoenn Region: Verdanturf Town

Current Residence: Oolong City

Occupation: Student

Personality: Adventurous and impulsive, Cinnary is in many ways still the little girl who said she wanted to be like her "Big Bro" and become an exceptional Battle Trainer. Having lived in the scenic Hoenn region with its open roads and few cities, Cinnary loves the wilderness, especially the mountains near her hometown, Verdanturf. In Hoenn, Cinnary enjoyed spending her time cycling and scaling mountains with her father. She particularly enjoyed training in kickboxing there with her father and older brother. Her family's robust lifestyle led to Cinnary growing up with a strong-headed personality with little hesitation to challenge what was in front of her. Despite this, it is often difficult for Cinnary to display her tough persona when she herself is relatively small and even childish. She easily gets flustered when teased, will fall to her knees when she sees adorable Pokemon or items, and is even a bit of a crybaby. Even if she won't show it, she tends to doubt her own abilities, and her sensitive nature often makes it easy for insults and taunts to get under her skin. Due to her past, Cinnary is also capable of going into "breakdowns" wherein she freezes up due to her own anxiety and literally unable to move or respond.

Cinnary refuses to be fazed by her own flaws, though. Because her brother inspires her so much, she wants to do her best to become stronger and infallible just as he is, even if it means brushing away her tears to smile at a new day.

In terms of interacting with others, Cinnary can be a little distant at first, preferring to interact with Pokemon and doing her training. Her brother often tells her there's more to life than fighting and that she needs friends, but she's often under the impression that her brother is all that she needs. When she does warm herself up to people, however, she does her best to be cheerful and making sure those she values stay happy, even at her own expense.

Appearance: For all her big talk and tough act, Cinnary is unfortunately rather petite. Only being 4'11" and a lightweight, she has a rather childlike appearance, and this is not helped by her peaches-and-cream complexion, plush cheeks, and big deep blue eyes. Her hair is a purple lilac in color, thick and wildly curly, and tied up in a high ponytail. Her bangs are parted to the left side and tend to curl over her forehead. In terms of attire, Cinnary wears a lavender t-shirt, a violet vest, and black shorts. In order to amp up her fighter appearance, Cinnary also wears a tattered yellow short scarf around her neck and wraps her arms in bandages for training. Her footwear are below-the-knee white socks and white running shoes.

Chibi image of Cinnary:
Cinnary Steele Chibi_20180520_174222

History: Cinnary hails from the Hoenn Region known for its dramatic climates, small scenic towns, and being surrounded at all sides by the fresh and open sea. Coming from a family of fighters, athletes, and mountaineers, it didn't take Cinnary long to develop a love for the outdoors and outdoor activity. However, as a young child Cinnary was of rather poor physique. Always having difficulty breathing, finding it hard to gain decent body mass, and overall frail, she often found herself lagging behind her cousins and big brother when it came to physical activity. This often frustrated her, especially since her mother would prefer helping her in her flower and berry shop situated in Verdanturf Town, and many of her relatives agreed that this was what she needed to do. But Cinnary yearned for the mountains, the bumpy terrain, the trees, and the open air. She would often sneak with her father and brother to join them hiking, and would even watch as they sparred in the mountains. Cinnary insisted on learning how to spar as well, promising she would do her best to get stronger. Her father called her "Little Fury" and even if she was behind physically compared to others, she showed a lot of dedication to doing clever techniques or just being relentless in when she fought.

Cinnary wasn't content with just being "a little good". She wanted to be "really good", and she knew she couldn't compare with her many relatives in the area of fight. It wasn't until her brother that she found out a new, and even more feasible passion. Her brother, Steven, was not just a fighter, but also an exceptional Pokemon trainer. An Ace Trainer, Steven made it possible for injured or small Pokemon he took under his wing to become strong and indomitable foes. Cinnary loved the concept how strong he was and also how strong he made weak Pokemon, and she wanted to do the same. Her brother promised when he came back, he'd teach her how to train Pokemon.

Excited, Cinnary would wait, but her brother's little adventure took longer than she expected. When she came of age, she asked her mother if she could also become a Pokemon trainer, but her mother said no as she worried Cinnary wouldn't be able to handle her own weight. This frustrated Cinnary and she tried to prove she was more than worthy. She ate more to bulk up, she trained more with her dad, and her condition improved a lot. Her mother was still reluctant, however. One day, Cinnary decided she'd show her mother she was ready by going out into the wilderness to catch a Pokemon of her own. Brashly and without thinking, she went into the mountains alone only to agitate a Graveler, but one Pokemon came to her rescue.

It was a Riolu. Now, Riolu was by no means local to the Hoenn Region, and the only reason it was there was because it was the family Pokemon. A gift to sent from her brother during the journey, Riolu acted more or less like the house pet. Cinnary often played with it, but it had never occurred to her to train it because she didn't own it personally. The Riolu had tried to put up a fight against the Graveler, but was still pretty beaten up by it. It did, however, bring enough time for her father to catch up and deal with it properly with his own fighting Pokemon. Her father scolded her for going out alone, but also empathized with her plight. Cinnary herself felt bad for Riolu and took care of it as it recovered. Seeing a bond forming between the two, her father suggested that she should she and Riolu should work together to both become strong. Cinnary asked if her dad was saying what she thought he was, and he confirmed this: he was allowing her to travel and become a Pokemon trainer. Cinnary was enthralled, but her dad added one condition to this: she had to go to a proper academy to learn. It was one thing to learn in the wilderness like her brother, but he didn't want to worry her mother, plus it would ensure Cinnary was doing all she could to improve and learn to become a professional. Cinnary agreed.

Since her brother was in the Kagawa region with their extended family, Cinnary decided to go to the Kagawa Pokemon Academy. This was going to be the start of her journey with Riolu, and one day she'd make Riolu and herself as strong as her Big Bro. Just people wait!


Lupo the Riolu:

  • Species: Riolu
  • Name: Lupo
  • Type: Fighting
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Lupo has an Adamant nature, and often when it decides to do something, it doesn't back down on its decisions. It sticks through something it is asked to do no matter what and refuses to back down, but this can also have the problem of lacking in analysis or foresight. Lupo is considerably loyal to Cinnary, often because she paid attention to him when he was new to the household, and also became quite protective of her. As a result, he refuses to leave her side and protect her, even at the risk of getting hurt. This can sometimes cause conflict between the two because when Cinnary asks him to back down, he usually refuses to. As a result of his nature, he enjoys being in combat and is proud of his skills, but he can also a little quick tempered and thrash about. Like Cinnary, he enjoys spicy food.
  • History: Riolu was a gift from Cinnary's big brother during his travel to the Sinnoh region as a family pet and a companion to Cinnary since he wasn't there to be with her. Riolu eventually developed a liking to Cinnary since she paid a lot of attention to him. After trying to save her from a wild Graveler, the two became partners and he stays under Cinnary's wing as her Pokemon and guardian.
  • Ability: Inner Focus- Prevents the Pokemon from flinching due to intense concentration.
    Moves: Foresight, Quick Attack, Endure, Counter[/b]

Badges/Other Accolades: N/A
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