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Cassidy "Kas" Young Empty Cassidy "Kas" Young

on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:23 pm
Name: Cassidy "Kas" Young
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Hometown and Region: Oolong City - Western Kagawa

Current Residence: Oolong City - Western Kagawa

Occupation: Kagawa Academy Student, Pokémon Trainer

Personality: Cassidy is a goal-oriented person, someone that doesn't stop herself until she has whatever objective she has in mind done, no matter what it costs her. Diverging from her original course is not something she likes, as she also has a sense of stubbornness which makes it difficult to rethink her plans if she has something already planned out, which could lead to others having to push her to do something else. However, the enthusiasm she might display when focused on something shouldn't be confused with a friendly, or even positive disposition. In reality, Cassidy can be rather rude and crass when dealing with others, up to the point that she can be rather off-putting. But she wasn't always that way as Cassidy was a more friendly and active person when she was a child, and due to having many bad dealings with her school as well as an increasingly absent family, she eventually adopted a rough personality to work as a way to defend herself when being with others. Outside of interactions, Cassidy looks rather cold and aloof, with an almost permanent frown which adds a bit to her unapproachable nature. She does emote of course, and displays cockiness whenever things go her way, and since she doesn't have a lot of patience, she gets very grumpy if don't turn up in her favor.

But despite all of that, she's not exactly an evil person. The fragments of her old personality as still present in her current self despite the hard exterior she placed herself into, as she's willing to solve any injustices that she comes across with if she knows that she's the only person capable of doing something about it at the moment. Just expect her to justify her actions with some sort of excuse rather than openly saying that she felt it was the right thing to do. She fears that displaying her younger self would leave her open to be used like she was before, so she allows herself to "slip" a bit more and display a more friendly disposition whenever she's around people she trusts more. It goes for both people and Pokémons, due to her growing up with her own Pokémon, as well as her older sister's team. And while someone could look at it cynically, and say that she only treats her own Pokémons well because she needs them to become a Pokémon Champion, Cassidy treats her team with care and respect, understanding when she should press worth with them and when to retreat to avoid them getting too badly damaged. Overall, she might not be easy to befriend, but if one is honest, direct, and not a jerk to her, they might find themselves on her good list.

Appearance: Standing at an average of 5'4", Cassidy is not a very tall person. One noticeable aspect of hers is a rather pale skin that causes her blushing and her freckles to stand out, as well as the bags under her blue colored eyes. She has jet black messy hair that reach a bit below her shoulders, with a couple of bangs standing on top of her head. Her clothing consist mostly of a navy blue vest with a black shirt underneath, as well as light blue short pants. She also has long gloves that reach slightly beyond her elbow, and long socks that reach above her knees, both colored black. For footwear she has red sneakers, and as a distinctive feature she wears a blue visor, with a white Pokéball logo at the center. And she was never a fan of exercise despite having a visibly slim figure, and with the addition of unhealthy habits cause her to get tired out very quickly if she puts a lot of physical effort.

History: Being born under the Young name, Cassidy never suspected the kind of life she'd have. She demonstrated an acute intelligence over logical and methodical tasks at a very young age, one which stood above the rest of her peers her age. But because she never skipped any grades, it gave her the reputation of being a problem solver at school, with kids lining up to ask her for help doing homework, and Cassidy was very happy to aid them. During her childhood, Cassidy was a very different person of how she is now, she was a happy and openly kind person, wanting to make many friends and help them whenever she could.

Her parents were very busy people, who were either working or otherwise unavailable, which is why she was given her first pokémon, an Eevee, at the age of 9. But her happy demeanor started to vanish little by little, when eventually people demanding her for her help, to the point that she became overwhelmed by the amount of people that sought it. It definitely didn't help that many of them would eventually get mad at her for not accepting their petitions, and regardless of whether they would do something about it or not, it always made Cassidy feel guilty and sad over it. The school usually ignored her when she complained, which made her find solace in her Eevee, whom she called Arc due to a tiny incident one day involving static.

The years passed, and due to her situation with school not changing a whole lot, Cassidy's personality started changing in order to fight off the people that bothered her. And while this caused her to be left alone by them, this also meant that people grew more and more distant of her, as she became unwelcoming to the people that were even neutral or friendly to her. She still felt that, despite having some people back away from her, she still felt a sense of disrespect from others, seeing her as just an angry kid, all the while her parents still remained rather absent in her life. But then, she had an idea: If she could travel around the region, defeat the Gym Leaders, challenge the Elite Four and defeat the Pokémon Champion, she could become one herself, and finally earn the respect of her peers, as well as getting back at her parents for, in her eyes, shunning her her entire life.

Of course, she was still too young to leave on her own, but that didn't mean that she would be unprepared by the time she was 15. If she wasn't attending school, she was sneaking out of her home and into the outskirts of the city to train her Eevee with the local fauna. And when she was only a few days away from her 15th birthday, she found a Thunderstone lying on the ground, a stroke of luck which she used right away, evolving Arc from a Eevee to a Jolteon. And when she was finally of age, she registered for a distance-based course at the academy and decided to embark on her journey to become the Pokémon Champion. She made a bow to herself to never give up, and to not rest until she becomes the Champion, and proved to everyone around her that she's not to be trifled with.

Arc the Jolteon:

  • Species: Jolteon
  • Name: Arc
  • Type: Electric
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Arc is a valiant Pokémon, one that is confident of his skills, and isn't afraid of showing them in battle. This attitude is born of his desire of wanting to keep his trainer safe and cheerful, and has learned that a heroic attitude kept her in high spirits. But as a consequence, it caused him to also become rather cocky, to the point that he gets very baffled when things don't go his way. He also has a rather soft spot for the sisters thanks to his origin, which makes him feel troubled about their apparent divide.
  • History: Being given to Cassidy as an Eevee, Arc spent the first few years of his life as a more domestic pokémon, being practically a pet and companion for Cassidy. But when she eventually decided to become a Pokémon Champion, he started battling wild pokémon to gain strength. Despite this change of lifestyle, Cassidy still treated him with care and respect, which made him become daring and heroic, supporting her in her endeavor. He didn't mind evolving into a Jolteon when Cassidy found a Thunderstone, and embraced his new electric element quite eagerly.
  • Ability: Volt Absorb
  • Moves: Double Kick, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Tail Whip

Badges/Other Accolades: N/A
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