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The Kagawa Pokemon League

on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:15 pm
The Kagawa region, like many others, has its own Pokemon League. Trainers who wish to collect badges may challenge any of the Gym Leaders all over the region. If they receive all eight badges and win the Kagawa Conference later, they may challenge the Elite Four! And if they manage to win against them, then it’s time to face the Champion, the strongest trainer in Kagawa!

I’ll be making actual character forms for all these people eventually, but for now, here are some quick bios of the league members! Enjoy!


Gym Leaders are the owners of the various Gyms found throughout the region. A trainer looking to collect badges must challenge these Gym Leaders to receive badges. Gym Leaders always specialize in one type and have some regulations when it comes to battles.

Geoff Gibson
Geoff Gibson (who usually goes by Gibson) is the current headmaster of Oolong Academy and the Gym Leader of Oolong City. A native of the remote Rize Village, Gibson knows a thing or two about finding the good in the bad. He taught at the academy for years a teacher and is famous among faculty for taking a bunch of delinquent students and making them into powerful and respectful trainers. He became the headmaster ten years ago and the academy has seen a boost in its results. Gibson is known for pushing his students and for giving tough love, but he truly wants to see everyone succeed. He specializes in Ground Type Pokemon and gives out the Dune Badge to trainers who defeat him.

Brooke Syren
Brooke is an affluent actress who is the current Gym Leader of Ceylon City. While she debuted in a few films, her real love is the theatre stage. However, despite her performance-oriented nature, she actually dislikes participating in contests and prefers to watch them. She has a reputation for being a diva and can actually be quite rude sometimes if she’s in a bad enough mood. She also has a tendency to neglect her duties as a Gym Leader. She specializes in Water Type Pokemon and gives out the Mermaid Badge to trainers who defeat her.

Earl Reed
Earl is a 30-something best-selling author and current Gym Leader of Grey City. He’s written quite a few novels that really appeal to the younger generations of trainers in Kagawa, as well as the other regions. While he can be quite the wordsmith on paper, he is a little awkward in person and often appears disheveled and sleep-deprived. It can be assumed he looks that way because he insists on trying to balance all of his duties as a Gym Leader, as well continue to write. How well he does this is a mystery. He often frequents the conservation park in Grey City to see the recovering Pokemon. He specializes in Normal Type Pokemon and gives out the Regular Badge to trainers who defeat him.

Kenneth “Ken” Date
Kenneth (or Ken as he likes to be called) is a private investigator and current Gym Leader of Tulsi Town. He is very mysterious, he seems to vanish for days, and meets with the Champion quite often. He also seems to hang around the International Police HQ in Tulsi Town a lot as well for whatever reason. People don’t exactly remember when he began his profession as a private investigator. He used to run the dojo in town until he converted it into his office and recruited all of his trainees to work with him. Whatever the reason, Ken is still a Gym Leader, and while he honestly a very hard Gym Leader to get a battle with, he still keeps his job for some reason. He specializes in Fighting Type Pokemon and gives out the Combat Badge to trainers who defeat him.

Jeanie Seinaru
Jeanie is considered the head of the Seinaru Clan and the current Gym leader of Sencha Village. She is the youngest person in the history of the Kagawa region to become a Gym Leader, at 16. She has some psychic abilities, though she is still developing, and they are not as powerful as the abilities possessed by a lot of her family members. While she is not very sure about her abilities and strength, she’s definitely not someone you should underestimate when battling her. She specializes in Psychic Type Pokemon and gives out the Ritual Badge to trainers who defeat her.

Blake and Tristan Diaz
Blake and Tristan are the owners of the Dollar House and the current Gym Leaders of Masala City. These two… are quite the handful. They’ve been known as troublemakers for their entire life and enjoy pranking people. They are also considered quite greedy, which is probably why they opened the casino in the first place. Still, they both have their differences. Blake is considered a little rude and a go-getter, while Tristan is much friendlier and seems to just go along with his twin brother’s plans. However, both of them are quite hotheaded so take care to not anger them. Their Gym is special as it’s the only Gym in Kagawa requires challengers to participate in double or multi battles, and a challenger must have at least two Pokemon on hand to challenge them. They specialize in Dark Type Pokemon and give out the Eclipse Badge to trainers who defeat them.

Lindy Wormclaw
Lindy is a former Pokemon Ranger and the current Gym Leader of Chamomile Town. Though her small stature might giveaway a sense she isn’t a threat. Her calm demeanor, as well as her willingness to punish troublemakers quickly eradicate any thoughts of her being weak. While she spends a lot of time helping out recruits at the training camp or tending to some of the ruins in and around town, she’s always up for a Pokemon battle. She specializes in Dragon Type Pokemon and gives out the Tooth Badge to Trainers who defeat her.

Helen Zeng
Helen is a famous artist and current Gym leader of Bolay City. She has been the Gym Leader there for as long as people can remember. She’s a fiery woman who will never step down from a challenge. She is considered quite motherly and loves to chat with anyone who decided to visit her. She wants to retire but is making sure the trainer she is training to take over the Gym is ready to become the next Gym Leader. She specializes in Fire Types and gives out the Hearth Badge to trainers who defeat her.


The Elite Four are considered to be some of the strongest trainers in the region. They have to be recognized by the Champion and formally invited to join if there’s an open spot. Elite Four spots are only ever vacant if a member decides to leave, is incapable of battling anymore, or passes away. Like Gym Leaders, all Elite Four members specialize in a type. However, they are given much more freedoms when it comes to battles. The only way to challenge an Elite Four member in an official match is to challenge the Champion for their title. If the challenger loses against an Elite Four member, they lose the entire challenge and will not face the Champion.

Clementine Strawman
Clementine is the Grass Type specialist of the Elite Four. She is shy, awkward, and seems to be afraid of just about anything. People often wonder how she even became an Elite Four member, to begin with. Then they see her battle. Once the match begins, Clementine becomes a demon in battle. She is ruthless and will stall the match as much as possible in order to tire out opposing Pokemon and annoying the challenger, resulting in them making a fatal mistake in their moves and giving her a window of opportunity to strike. She is currently ranked 2nd in the entire league.

Prof. Ollie Hemlock
Ollie is the Poison Type specialist of the Elite Four. Despite being a professor in the region, he prefers to be called by his first name. He’s an odd fellow, people often think there might be something wrong with him and considering the amount of time he spends around poisons and toxins, it’s quite possible. He tries to whittle down opponents by poisoning them and chipping down their health to zero. He is currently ranked 3rd in the entire league.

Robin Fellows
Robin is the Fairy Type specialist of the Elite Four. He is a world-renowned fashion designer and has even worked with Valerie in the Kalos region. He’s known for his good looks and often flirts with most people he finds (only if they are of age though) and is quite a cheerful and friendly guy. His only real problem is he often puts his nose in places it doesn’t belong, looking for gossip usually. He likes to unleash graceful yet unrelenting attacks against his opponents. He is currently ranked 4th in the entire league.

Tambre Sparks
Tambre is the Electric Type specialist of the Elite Four. While her position as CEO of Sparks Industries doesn’t leave her a lot of time for battling, she still attempts to make an effort to train in Verbena Town along with her fellow Elite Four members. She is not easily impressed by people and can come off as cold, but she’s actually a sweet person underneath all of that. She prefers to outspeed her opponents before they can make a move. She is currently ranked 5th in the entire league.


The Champion is the strongest trainer in the Pokemon League and is always ranked 1st. They are essentially the head of the league and carry a huge responsibility to ensure it’s running smoothly. The only way to become a Champion is winning against the previous Champion in an official match. Being the strongest trainer in the region has its benefits, and unlike the Elite Four and Gym Leaders, Champions are not required to specialize in a certain type of Pokemon.

Arthur Kent
The current Champion of the Kagawa region. He is a popular Champion among the region’s trainers and is known for being a humble guy who truly cares for all Pokemon. He often talks about how he wants to be beaten by a strong trainer one day. In recent years, he has drawn criticism from some people because they feel that he has only selected people from wealthy backgrounds to be Gym Leaders and Elite Four members, as well as failing to protect the environment and historical landmarks from increased infrastructure development.[/b][/b]
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