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The Setting

on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:09 pm
The Kagawa Region is a small region southeast from the Alola Region. It’s a little bit smaller compared to some of the other regions and has a warm and temperate climate. Kagawa has a rich history of being home to a powerful ancient empire that was said to be destroyed by a legendary Pokemon after its cruel leaders tried to capture it and use its power to fuel their conquest. While most of the relics of this civilization are lost, people continue to search for structures and artifacts that have been left behind.

Kagawa has its own ideas as well. Unlike other regions, the age limit of receiving a Pokemon license has been increased to 15 as opposed to 10. This is because a young boy went missing and presumably died while scaling Mount Chai alone. Parents all over the region began demanding that their children wait a little longer before heading out on their journeys, and for the region to put in safety measures to ensure that no child died again. Quickly after the age limit went up, the construction of the advanced monorail system was created. With the years going by, it has only become more advanced, allowing for quick travel across the region in only a few hours. While some of the more traditional trainers in the region feel that this takes away from the journey kids go on, the more safety-oriented trainers feel that it’s wonderful a young trainer can experience the attractions in Rooibos City and head home to Grey City in only a few hours with no real danger. Still, quite a few people still do the traditional thing and walk along the routes sprawling all over the region to get to the other cities and towns. Of course, you’ll often find Pokemon Rangers patrolling all over the routes and landscapes just to keep an out of trouble.

The Kagawa region has seen a huge industrial, economic, and population boom in the last few years. Cities are becoming larger, corporations have become more powerful, and the Kagawa region is seemingly a little smaller now. There have been rumors that many of the people in powerful positions in the region only got their title because of economic and family connections. This, along with the destruction of nature and even historical monuments to make room for new people, has caused a group of people to become angry with how things are being run in the region, and now have formed this region’s “evil team”. Team Turmoil is hellbent on causing chaos, problems, and doubt among the populace of the region. Some call them revolutionaries, some call them common thugs. Whatever the case is, not much is known about the team or its enigmatic leader, Rosegold. Some hope that the team’s antics don’t escalate to that of Team Rocket’s or Team Flare’s.

The Kagawa league, while not as impressive as Kanto’s league, is one of the many pride and joys of the region. While it only has 8 current leaders at the moment, which is quite smaller than the other regions save for Alola, there have been talks of expanding the league to some of the towns and cities without a Gym Leader. Like the other regions, once a trainer has collected 8 Gym Badges, they may enter the league and compete with other trainers to win the trophy. Any trainer who wins the Kagawa League may challenge the Elite Four and the Champion at a later event. As per usual, the challenger has to battle through all Elite Four members without losing to one, or they will lose the chance to challenge the Champion. If they beat them, then the Champion will take to the battlefield to defend their title. If the Challenger loses, then they may try again at a later date. If they win, however, then they will usurp the title of Champion and be declared the new strongest trainer in Kagawa. If the old Champion retains their title, then they will still accept challenges from trainers for the rest of the year. If a new Champion is crowned, then there are new challenges until the year afterward.

Contests have become popular in the Kagawa Region, and as such, more trainers are choosing the spotlights and stages over the chaotic battles of the gyms. There are quite a few contest halls dotting Kagawa and contests are pretty frequent. If a coordinator wins five ribbons from the various contests, they are eligible to enter the Kagawa Grand Festival. There they will compete against the strongest coordinators in the region, showing off magnificent performances and passionate battles. Anyone who emerges victorious against the other coordinators will win the title of Top Coordinator.

Some young trainers choose to enroll in school instead of traveling the region. The top one in Kagawa is Oolong Academy, in Oolong City. Once someone turns 15, they can enroll in the academy, where they can take courses regarding what kind of path they want to take as a trainer. Of course, there’s the basic stuff like math and English, but people mainly talk about the trainer courses. Trainers can learn battle strategies, how to perform, how to groom and care for Pokemon, and even how to study them. For trainers who don’t want the walls of a classroom to restrict their training, there’s also a training camp for Pokemon Rangers outside of Chamomile Town in the Aracha Forest. There, young trainers can become Junior Rangers. They’ll learn how to protect people and Pokemon, how to explore the various environments, and learn the moral code of the rangers!
The Kagawa region, despite its size, is full of wonder and amazing things to do. It’s only a wonder of what kind of trainer you’ll be.
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