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Contest Rules Empty Contest Rules

on Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:19 pm
If Gym Battles aren't your thing, then maybe try your hand at Contests. In these spectacular events, trainers (known as Coordinators) try to give the best performance they can for a beautiful ribbon. Once they collect 5, they are eligible to enter the Grand Festival in Verbena Town, where they will test their skills against the best coordinators in the region. If they win, they will receive the title of Top Coordinator, and fame and fortune are soon to follow.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want your character to perform in contests.

1. Contests are split into two stages. The first one is the performance stage. Here, coordinators are expected to present themselves nicely (they should own a nice suit or dress for the occasion) and command their Pokemon to perform for the crowds. Pokemon should be well-groomed before going out and unkempt Pokemon will be docked points. People usually have the expectation that performances should be beautiful and elegant, but contests are meant to show off the strengths and attributes of a coordinator's Pokemon. The job of a coordinator is to wow audience members and the judges, so if a Pokemon is more cute than beautiful, then use that. If it's better and showcasing raw strength, then it should prove that to the judges. Ball capsules and seals can be purchased and put over a Pokemon's Pokeball for an extra wow factor. A contest will require a coordinator to either use one or two Pokemon during each stage. The coordinator is free to choose what Pokemon will be used in each round. The coordinators with the highest scores will move onto the Battle Stage. A staff member will act as a judge for the contests and will decide who will move on. If your character has been shown to constantly practice and perform appeals, then they will probably move on if the appeal seems good enough. If your character does not practice or the appeal seems all over the place, then the character will probably not move on.

2. During the battle stage, coordinators will be randomly assigned an opponent to compete against. Here, the goal is to battle while still trying to perform and showcase skill. The battles are only five minutes each, so coordinators don't have a lot of time to prove they deserve to win. Each coordinator will start the battle with a certain number of points and through the battle, they will lose points depending on actions taken by their Pokemon or opponent. Coordinators may lose points if their Pokemon is hit by an attack, if their Pokemon's attack fails, if the opposing Pokemon performs a particularly appealing move or combination, or if the opposing Pokemon uses their Pokemon's attack to its own advantage. The referee and MC may issue a penalty card if one coordinator doesn't issue any commands. If a coordinator is caught cheating or receives a second penalty card, then they will be disqualified from the contest. The battles will continue until one coordinator remains, who will then receive a ribbon from that contest hall. Each ribbon is unique to its town.

3. The Grand Festival is held in Verbena Town, just like the Verbena Conference. The Grand Festival happens twice a year and is announced weeks before in advance so coordinators can prepare. The Kagawa Grand Festival has two stages like a regular contest, the performance stage, and the battle stage. The Grand Festival will require two Pokemon to participate in the performance stage and two Pokemon for each battle a coordinator will compete in during the battle stage. Coordinators may substitute Pokemon during the Battle Stage to showcase their full party. There are five judges as opposed to three to help score a higher amount of participants compared to a regular contest. A coordinator must have five ribbons to compete. The winner of the event will be awarded the title of Top Coordinator and will receive the Ribbon Cup as a prize. A Top Coordinator does not have any special duties, but they often receive requests for acting, modeling, and styling careers, as well as sometimes being asked to be a guest judge during contests.
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