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Pokemon League Rules Empty Pokemon League Rules

on Sat Apr 27, 2019 5:00 pm
Collecting gym badges is the staple of the series. A young trainer gets their first Pokemon and heads off on their journey to defeat all of the Gym Leaders and become Champion. It's a story that's been repeated over and over again throughout the years. So, of course, it's a feature here as well. There are eight gyms available in the Kagawa region for trainers to challenge for that shiny gym badge to add to their collection. Our forum takes place in the anime version of the Pokemon world, most regions featured in the anime have more than eight gyms actually in the region. Right now, we're keeping the number at eight, for the time being, but if new gyms are added the rules will be the same.

So, how does one go about challenging a gym? Do you just write up a thread at one of the gyms and wait? Well, it's not that simple.

If you want your character to have a gym battle with one of the gym leaders, we ask that you contact a staff member before doing so. We need to make sure that we actually have someone available to play the part of the Gym Leader. So, if you just put a thread without asking first, we'll probably ignore it or contact you later telling you that you have to wait. We love to have battles and such, but we need some time to prepare beforehand. So give us a shout and we'll figure things out on our end and then give you the green light to put up your thread.

Of course, there are a few rules that you have to keep in mind.

1. The number of badges and Pokemon you have will determine how many/what Pokemon the Gym Leader will use. Having zero to two badges will have your character facing two Pokemon from the Gym Leader unless your character only has one Pokemon, then the Gym Leader will also only use one. After getting your third badge, then all Gym Leaders will use three Pokemon (Or one or two depending on how much Pokemon you have with you). It should be noted that the Masala City Pokemon Gym uses a Multi Battle style, meaning that each gym leader there will use one pokemon each for the battle if the character has zero, one, or two badges, and they will each use two Pokemon for 3 or more badges. A character must have at least two Pokemon to challenge this gym or challenge it with another character so that their team will at least have two Pokemon.

2. Only the challenger may substitute Pokemon if they are challenging the gym with more than one Pokemon. The challenger can only substitute Pokemon at certain times and with restrictions. A challenger cannot substitute in the middle of ordering or receiving an attack when they just substituted a Pokemon, or if the Gym Leader has just called out another Pokemon after the one before was defeated. (The staff will give you an opportunity to substitute if asked). Challengers can only substitute to the Pokemon they have selected for the battle. For example, if a challenger substitutes their Cacnea for their Starly, and then later substitutes their Starly for their Torkoal, then the challenger can only use Cacnea, Starly, and Torkoal in the battle until either all of their or the Gym Leader's Pokemon are unable to battle.

3. Items may only be used before or after the battle at the challenger's discretion.

4. If you have your character challenge a gym, then they will probably win if your character has prepared properly in-character. If they've been training for a few threads before, then they are probably going to be fine. If they haven't been training or preparing, then realistically the Gym Leader will wipe the floor with them. You have to remember that Gym Leaders are stronger than the average trainer, they are supposed to be a challenge to beat.

5. We ask that there be some time in between challenging other gyms. Yes, if a character wins eight badges then they qualify for the Verbena Conference, but that only happens twice a year in in-game time. Besides, your character is going to need time to train and catch new Pokemon before moving onto the next gym. It should also be noted that students at the Academy still have homework and the likes to deal with, so they can't just hop on a train to go across the region for a gym battle with proper notice to the school.

6. If a character manages to somehow get Eight Badges, then they can enter the Verbena Conference for a chance to face the Elite 4 and the Champion. Your character will have to face other user's characters and some staff-controlled characters (if not enough player characters are eligible). Your character MUST have six Pokemon to enter. The conference has four rounds, the Preliminaries, the Quarter-finals, the Semi-finals, and the Finals. In the Preliminaries, the participants will battle in three-on-three matches against a randomly-assigned opponent. These battles continue until there are only eight trainers left, then it will move onto the Quarter-finals. The eight trainers will have randomly-assigned opponents again and will once again use three-on-three matches. Once four trainers are left, they move onto the Semi-finals. In the Semi-finals, trainers will participate in full six-on-six battles after being assigned their opponent. The winners of both matches will move onto the Finals, while the losers will battle for third and fourth place. During the Finals, the two winners will face off with all six of their Pokemon for the chance to face the Elite 4. The loser will receive second place and the winner will move on.

7. Once a trainer wins the Verbena Conference, they will be given a trophy and will then be eligible to face the Elite 4. Each battle against the Elite 4 will be a Full Battle. Mega Evolution and Z-moves are permitted and only the challenger may substitute Pokemon at certain times. The challenger must defeat every single Elite 4 member to challenge the Champion. If they lose even once, then they have lost the challenge. If a challenger loses against an Elite 4 or Champion, then they may try again at a later time. Though, they will have to battle against all Elite 4 members before the Champion again.

8. If a trainer manages to defeat the Champion, then they will be given the title of Champion themselves. When a new Champion is crowned, then there will be no other Verbena Conference until a year from the time they became Champion. Champions have a lot of responsibilities in the region and if they fail in their duties, they will lose their title and it will be given back to the previous Champion.

9. Mega Evolution and Z-moves are permitted during Gym Battles, just know that the Gym Leader will also use these against you if you choose to use them. During all of the rounds except for the Finals of the Verbena Conference, Mega Evolution and Z-moves are prohibited and if a Pokemon uses either of them before the Finals, they will be immediately disqualified and will be considered "Unable to Battle" until the end of the match.
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