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Oolong Academy Opening Ceremony Tournament: Pre-tournament

on Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:46 pm
The auditorium was filled with students, facility, and visiting family members and other trainers. The large room was loud with the chatter of hundreds of conversations. The energy of the room was excited, nervous, and on the verge of total chaos. The incoming freshmen probably didn’t know what was coming, but the second and third years did, and they tried not to squirm out of there seats in anticipation of what was to come.

The crowd quieted down when a man in a dark brown suit walked onto the stage. He was a tall and lean man with curly black hair that was starting to grey and a well-groomed beard. He had light brown skin and amber eyes that seemed to analyze the crowd as he made his way to the podium. On his left ear was a crescent moon earring that was attached to a small chain, making it hang just above his neck.

The man cleared his throat and leaned towards the microphone. “Good afternoon,” his deep voice boomed. “Welcome to Oolong Academy, I am Geoff Gibson, the current Headmaster of this fine school.”

“First, I would like to welcome all the incoming first years. We hope that our academy will be the foundation of your journey towards the futures you will build. It is our goal to make you succeed in whatever path you choose, alongside your fellow trainers and Pokemon.”

“We offer four paths at this establishment. Battling, Beautification, Breeding, and Research. Each one having their own challenges and rewards. They are separate entities, but they often intertwine. During your first year, you will be exposed to classes from each of the four disciplinaries. By your second year, you’ll be able to select which one you would like to major in and continue from there.”

“To our second years, we expect your Major Selection Forms to be sent to the administration's office by the end of the month. Failure to do so will result in a one-on-one talk with the guidance counselor and me about your future. If you do not want to experience an incredibly boring lecture like that, please make sure you get them in as soon as possible.”

“To our third years, we hope you have a wonderful final year at Oolong Academy. Please make sure you are adequately prepared for your graduation exams, and that you do your best to achieve passing grades. If you would like to move on to Lei University in Ginger City for further education, we ask that you fill out your application forms the month of graduation.”

“Now, with introductions out of the way. We ask that the students and guest trainers make their way to our battlefields. Our Opening Ceremony Tournament will begin shortly. All students will participate. You will find your field number on the back of your student ID card. Do not worry, this a temporary addition to the card that will be gone by tomorrow. For those of you who do not have a Pokemon, you may use a rental Pokemon for this challenge. Guest trainers, we ask that you present your battling passes to our officials at the field you have been assigned to battle at. All participants are to follow the rules set out by the tournament.”

With that, Gibson left the stage and the students began filing out of the auditorium and towards their respective fields.

The school had set up a waiting area outside the field for the trainers to wait for the battle to start. Maia sat there, fidgeting with Decibel’s Pokeball. She had registered him in the fight but was starting to get nervous. She had never really battled before, and while it seemed straightforward, she was nervous she was going to let her Pokemon down.

She kept repeating Decibel’s moves in her head to make sure she didn’t forget them. Some of the other students were talking amongst themselves as they waited to be called out onto the battlefield. Maia wondered if talking to someone would settle her nerves, but realized that in doing so, would make her more nervous. She wondered why she had to battle in the first place, but Maia knew it was probably a good thing. Despite everyone’s paths being unique, they were all Pokemon Trainers, battling is what they did. Not only for becoming stronger but to become closer to their Pokemon. She smiled softly at the Pokeball in her hand, she was going to do her best for herself and Decibel.
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Re: Oolong Academy Opening Ceremony Tournament: Pre-tournament

on Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:45 pm
Eira stood quietly in a corner of the waiting area, intimidated after the speech that the man earlier had given. Four different courses? All those expectations? Nobody had told her about any of this, including this tournament! Now she had to go out and embarrass herself in front of everybody because she couldn't control her own Pokemon half the time! And what if she had to face one of those types...

With a slight shake of her head, Eira purged the thought, giving her cheeks a light slap. This wasn't a time to think about that. She was here so that she could get along with Lumi better, and she should be looking at this as a chance, not a disaster. Finally raising her head to look around, a few minutes of scanning later she spotted a familiar face, which instantly lifted her mood slightly. However, said person was on the other side of a crowd of people that had gathered to talk... and there was no way that Eira was going to yell across them, or try to force her way through. So instead, she began to inch her way around, making sure she kept track of Maia as she made her way towards the other trainer while both trying to make eye contact and avoid running head first into anyone else in the waiting room.
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