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One on One Battle: Route 1

on Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:00 pm
“Roselia,” a voice commanded. “Use Magical Leaf on that rock!”

The Grass Type obliged and spread out her flowered appendages, releasing leaves made of shimmering green light. The Magical Leaf slammed against the rock, causing dust and a few pieces of rock to fly into the air. When the dust settled, there were large gashes taken out of the rock.

“Yes!” The trainer cheered, happy his Pokemon had apparently become stronger in using her magical leaf.

“Ro!” The Pokemon responded.

“If we keep this up, then we’ll be strong enough to take on Gibson and get the Dune Badge! Our road to Champion will be paved with your Magical Leaf, Roselia!”


The trainer stretched a bit and looked around Route 1 and smiled softly.

“Too bad there aren’t any other trainers around, huh? We could use the practice, hitting trees and rocks only gets us so far,” He said aloud. “Tell you what, Roselia. The first trainer we see is getting a challenge from us! We’ll show ‘em that we’re unstoppable!”

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Re: One on One Battle: Route 1

on Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:54 pm
Anais had just finished doing some research at Route 1, as she needed to research some pokemon for her class tomorrow and since it was a nice day. She had decided to take Marcel with her as well, of course, Marcel always comes with her to anywhere she would go so she wasn't surprised that she found him lodged in her bag when she first got to the Route. "I really need to add more stuff in this bag so I can prevent you from sneaking in it." Anais pouted at Marcel, who jumped out of her bag and twirled.

"Mime, Mimel!" He cheerfully spoke his name as he twirled, after an hour of being in the route looking at pokemon. The two decided to walk back to the Academy, hoping that nothing will get in they're way.

"What a slow day Marcel. I wonder if we'll run into anyone in this route, besides Pokemon. I haven't seen a single person at this route today." Anais looked down at Marcel who followed behind her.

"Mime Jr." He shrugged...Right as the two stumbled upon the Trainer and his Roselia, causing Anais and Marcel to slightly stumble as she looked at the two, and slightly waved.

"Uhh, hi?" She greeted the two as Marcel quickly became suspicious of the two.
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